Machine Shop

CAMITís hi-end CNC machines offer incredibly accurate machining. Our high speed machines are temperature stabilised to dramatically increase accuracy and we are constantly updating and renewing our tooling to provide higher productivity for our customers. 

Machined parts go through a thorough inspection process involving our Co-ordinate Measuring Machine. This process, combined with our comprehensive quality procedures and work instructions, guarantees repeatability and first-class results.

Due to the specialised nature of CAMITís operations, we are committed to ongoing training of our already highly skilled labour force. Our talented and experienced staff can assist our customers during the design phase of their project to ensure their components can be manufactured in the most cost effective manner.

Although our machine shop is setup to meet the high quality and accuracy standards required for the aerospace industry, CAMIT continues to pride itself on staying commercially competitive.  This means our customers benefit from the superior standards without the high prices and ensures we deliver value for money.

Machining Centres
Aerospace quality machines to 20,000rpm with temperature control and a working area to 730x730mm.

Mill Turn Centres
Multi function bar-feed lathes up to 64mm bore with sub-spindles and Y axes to allow very complicated parts to be finished in one operation.

Co-ordinate Measuring
700x1000x700 work volume with 6 station stylus changer and statistical process control for production qualification and traceability or reverse engineering.

Waterjet Cutting
1600 x 3200 cutting table high accuracy machine

Modelling with Inventor Ė program generation with EdgeCam / Mazatrol allowing full virtual manufacturing from design thru to machining, measuring and assembly.


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